Vegan Is The New Black!


What is vegan fashion? It's simple!


We are free from any animal-derived product which includes; 

Leather, suede, fur, wool, and silk. 

We are a strong advocate for animals and we only create animal-friendly, cruelty-free vegan bag and accessories, and we are focused on producing high-quality bags that would last. 

Why? Because no animal needs to be killed to enjoy quality fashion bags. 

We are commited to providing vegan bags


Bags from Coming Copenhagen are entirely vegan, made from alternatives to leather and silk and without using any animal-based materials. 

Most of our vegan leather is made of polyurethane (PU), and the manufacturers aim to combine the basic qualities of natural leather in the fabric. It is made by coating a backing material such as cotton or polyester with a flexible polymer to impart a leather-like appearance, and it is crafted using natural materials to have the look and feel of real leather. 


Our commitment to providing the highest quality, ethical vegan materials means we will continually seek new and innovative textiles that can provide our customers with the best possible finish whilst at the same time protecting the environment. 


The alternatives to leather are increasing, and due to specialty chemicals and innovative applications we can create solutions with superior durability, haptics and sustainability. 

 As a premium product, our vegan leather accessories are manufactured without any compromise on quality or manufacturing. 

Bags made with vegan leather not only make you look good, they also makes you feel good because this material is cruelty-free and it is easier on the planet. The bags look and feel like traditional leather, and at the same time, they protect the animal world. 

It is a strong material able to withstand heat and moisture, which means that waste is reduced, because a single polyurethane item can be used for longer periods than other materials. 


Use and treat your vegan leather bag mindfully! 

Fortunately vegan leather is more resistant to scratches, cracks or peeling,  and has less chance of fading over time.


The bags made with vegan leather are durable and easy to maintain, and will last just as long as genuine leather if you take special care.  The bags are waterproof but to take extra care of your bag we suggest that you waterproof before use with a good-quality protector and wipe down the material with a damp cloth when required. 

If your products get wet, remove any residual water with a paper towel and allow it to dry naturally.