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At Coming Copenhagen you can shop a selection of premium handmade cruelty-free cosmetic bags, pouches, bumbags, totes, and crossbody bags, both for men and women, at an affordable price point, and with handmade quality.  While leather require the skin of animals, vegan leather offers alternatives that keep us looking good and doing good.   

We care deeply about the world we live in, and we use the finest quality vegan leather in the production of our bags. As a PETA approved company all our bags are entirely vegan, made from alternatives to leather and silk and without using any animal-based materials.  

We are honored to be a member of PETA, which stands for 'People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals'. It is the largest animal rights organization in the world, with over 6.5 million members and supporters. 

If you want to know more about the PETA certification click on the link

Information about PETA




In order to be certified as a PETA-approved vegan company, we signed PETA’s statement of assurance

verifying that all our products are vegan

This certification is the symbol of our commitment with all of you animal-friendly consumers

About us


Combining simplicity and practicality!

We create bags where form meets function, and we believe in vegan materials, quality, craftsmanship and attainable luxury which allows our customers to be on trend every season. 

The great attention to detail results in casual-chic bags that remain super practical and the beautiful lining inside adds an ultraluxe feel to the bags

The team members


Meet our mascots, Jack & Louis

We use premium alternatives to animal leather for our bags. They look and feel like traditional leather, and at the same time, they protect the animal world. The perfect companion for animal lovers 

Our mascots, Jack and Louis, are hanging out with us at the office every day. Greeting visitors and helping staff members in general. These two charming guys can always keep spirits high and refresh our minds


Become a green shopper

We decided to give up plastic bags many years ago as it poses a threat to wildlife and corals. There are plenty of sustainable options avaible for shoppers looking to minimize their environmental impact. The best bag for shopping is one that you will use, and re-use. Like our Sofia tote bag



This season we are introducing a stylish makeup bag that doubles as a crossbody bag. The bag features a detachable strap, three interior pockets to keep essentials organized and secure, and comes in three beautiful colors; black, red and burgundy. It's handcrafted from premium vegan leather, and it's ideal for daily use, weekend getaways and a night out

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